Malaysia is located at the heart of Southeast Asia and a member of the ASEAN.  Multilingual and multi-culture allow the country to have approximately 60% - 70% of world population market reach, especially for the English speaking zone, Chinese speaking zone (especially Greater China), Tamil speaking zone (especially India) and Islamic countries.  Being a member of ASEAN, the country has easy access to the market of approximately 600 million within ASEAN countries.  In addition, a membership in OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) has made Malaysia a strategic location to cover markets of ASEAN and ASIA as well as Islamic countries.

Political stability, first class infrastructure,  healthy and steady economic growth, skilled workforce, natural disasters free, low inflation rate and other factors have encouraged lots of world-class companies, which include regional strategic marketing offices, regional research and development (R&D) centers, SSO/ITO/BPO centers, logistic hubs, value added manufacturing hubs in Malaysia such as DHL, Shell, BMW, HSBC, ACS, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Unisys, Intel, Agilent, Avago, St Jude Medical, Plexus, Altera, Motorola, Continental, etc.  to setup their regional headquarters in Malaysia.  According to the consultant firm, A.T. Kearney's 2011 Global Services Location Index, Malaysia was ranked as the third most popular location for shared services and outsourcing.

Besides the good business environment, investment or business incentives provided by Malaysian government plays an important role to attract MNCs to locate their footprint in Malaysia for global market access especially ASIA and ASEAN markets access.   Therefore, investing in Malaysia is the right choice for enterprises Go To Market business strategy.

There are few categories of Go To Market strategies covered by Invest Malaysia:

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