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An initiative by Akademi Kewartawanan & Informasi Taima (AKIT) , Invest Malaysia is established  to promote Malaysia as a Regional Hub of Excellence for emerging industries  to become international players, in line with Economic Transformation Programme, a key reform measure by Malaysian government.

Using Malaysia, which has geographically advantages and decades of international trade and business experiences, as a platform for Go To Market Realization. The platform plays a role of facilitating US and EMEA enterprisesf access to Asian markets penetration on one hand and to assisting corporations from Japan and China to expand their wings into global market on the other hand.

Through a series of investment services that include investment feasibility study, incorporation of companies to operation readiness, Invest Malaysia links up enterprises, especially small and medium enterprise with local governments, business partners as well as local communities.  In short, Invest Malaysia plays a role to support enterprises which not able to by government agencies directly.  

Our role is to make sure that enterprises feel secure to invest, even in a totally new environment and their go to market strategy a reality. 


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