Facts of Business Environment in Malaysia

Malaysia is located in the heard of Southeast Asia with population of 28.3 million consists of three major multi ethnic groups: Malay, Chinese, Indian.  The multi ethnic or multiracial in turn has created a multilingual society. English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil are widely used in Malaysia.  Since more than thirty years, MNCs has begun to utilize the multilingual  advantage to setup their footprints in Malaysia as one of their business strategic location, or the Asia Pacific business.  

A large number of MNCsf investment poured in to Malaysia few decades before has helped Malaysia to gain international business experience and exposure.  As a result, numbers of skilled and literate workforce, including senior management level resources were created.  This is one of  Malaysia's assets, as a strategic value added business location in the Asian region to the world. On top of that is low cost business environment.

As an effort to drive economic growth, Malaysian government has taken some measures, which include in providing various investment incentives to foreign investors, implementing business friendly policies as well as establishing diplomatic ties with various countries and regions. The measures are to foster international business links.

A membership in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) has equipped Malaysia an advantage to access into ASEAN and Islamic countries markets(especially Middle Eastern  nations).  On top of that, good diplomatic and trade relationships with the Greater China as well as Look East Policy and EPA (Japan - Malaysia Economic Cooperation Agreement) with Japan to allow business and trade between Malaysia and East Asian countries done smoothly.

Today, Malaysia is known as a value added, lower cost destination for Eastern and Western corporations. Malaysia, but not most of other countries in the region, is chosen by the corporations to setup their footprint as one of business strategic location.

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